Persona Writing

    I originally posted this to my Rm31Corp Teacher Talk blog on 6/2/2016.

I have used persona writing in the science classroom for years.  I was excited to see the strategy of personifying an object in science on Triumphlearning's video, Short Response Writing Across the Curriculum (2014).  By allowing students to take on the persona of an object or process in science, teachers give students opportunity to process newly acquired information.  Students become the object and write from the perspective of the object.  This writing strategy gives students a chance to process information, make a memorable connection, and to find areas of information that need clarification (Triumphlearning, 2014).

     In the classroom, students personify different things in the natural world by writing scripts and recording a personified version of the object/thing.  While studying animal adaptations, students will write as if they were an animal.  The writing allows students to work with the new information and helps me find areas that need clarification.  Click HERE to see a sample of my four-quadrant station cards that includes script writing.  Click the photo below to see a video sample, too.


Triumphlearning. (2014, June 25). Short response writing across the curriculum. Retrieved February 20, 2016, from via @YouTube

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