Thursday, July 26, 2018

FlipGrid and Microsoft Merged!

I hope you have heard by now that FlipGrid and Microsoft have merged. This calls for a celebration! What does it mean for you? The merge means you now have a premium educator account for free. You have access to multiple grids and all of the bells and whistles. Thank you Microsoft for supporting teachers!
If you haven't used FlipGrid, you definitely need to give it a try. Students can use any device with a camera to record themselves. How could this benefit student-centered learning in your classroom?
Students can:
  • reflect on learning
  • explain/teach a concept
  • document learning over time (think projects and accountability)
  • practice fluency - video themselves reading
  • share a story/poem they have written
  • answer a question you've asked and support it with evidence
  • ask questions
  • join in conversations with experts (FlipGrid offers grids with scientists, authors, etc...)

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