Thursday, May 10, 2018

Noteflight ~ Chromebook + Music = Amazing!

I happened to be reading through the latest from #GoogleClassroom Teacher Tips, and I read about Noteflight paired with Google Classroom. Armed with a Chromebook and creativity, students can write their own music! The website has a premium version, but I can see where the free version has great value.

From Noteflight:

People who make music -- amateurs and professionals, students and teachers -- want to share that music with others, sooner or later. But most software for working with notated music treats the Internet as an afterthought: it's geared to saving your music on your own computer's hard disk, not to sharing your music with other people. It's painful to share musical scores online today, and as software inventors, we knew how much better it could be. People expect to be able to do their creative work wherever they go, and a crop of new browser-based applications make it incredibly easy to create and publish word-processing documents or spreadsheets online. We feel musical documents should be just as accessible.

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