Friday, February 23, 2018 ~ Have You Seen It?

There are many tools students can use to create flowcharts and diagrams, Google Drawings being a great one, but I wanted to share another resource that you might not know.  Take a minute to try  It is a free resource that allows the user to quickly create mind maps, flowcharts, etc.  

This was just a quick sample I pulled from the site. For those wondering about the strange text, I used Cupcake Ipsum to liven up my placeholder text (why this site exists, I'm not sure...but it does).

The site is easy to use and has quite a few templates that students can manipulate in minutes.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Our Global Community ~ The Power of Technology Amazes Me!

I stumbled across a website yesterday that I wish I had found while I was still in the classroom.  It's called Dollar Street.  Students can compare families and incomes from around the world.  Find out what kind of toothbrushes people use, what their bed looks like, get a view of their toilet (kids will go crazy over this one!), and get a glimpse at most loved items.  We all have the same needs, and sometimes our kids don't understand that.  Whether our family income is $27/month or $7000/month, we need food, shelter, and good health.  Family is family whether in America or Tunisia.

Students can also learn more about individual families, such as the Antonio Family in Zimbabwe .
I think the site has amazing potential for comparisons of all kinds, but even more, I think it has the potential to increase the compassion in the hearts of our students!

Do you have ideas on how you might use Dollar Street in the classroom?  
Share in the comments below!