Thursday, January 25, 2018

World Read Aloud Day is on It's Way!

Thanks to a reminder from our friends at The Click, I am able to announce
  World Read Aloud Day 2018 on February 1, 2018.

Make it a special day!  Read your favorite stories, have your students as guest readers, have students record each other reading aloud, use something like the Apple Clips app to create a reading montage,  write a book and read it aloud to a younger grade... so many options.  Want to read aloud outside your classroom?  Use Skype or Google Hangouts to connect with another class.  Do you need help with this?  Contact me.  I can practice a Skype or Hangout with you, walk you through the process, and even connect you with other classrooms around the world through the Connected Classroom Workshop Community.

Let's make February 1st a special day!

Will you share your ideas with us in the comments below?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Digital Breakout ~ Lunar 1 Project

Let's face the facts.  I'm a puzzle, mystery, and problem-solving NERD.  When my friends were asking for new skateboards and sports equipment, I was putting in a request for the electronic version of Clue.  Fast forward to adulthood, and I still love puzzles!  One of my favorite things to do now, though, is to build them for others.  Think about the last time you engaged your students with something a little puzzling or mysterious...did you have their attention?  My guess is 'yes'.  I just finished a new Digital Breakout for some classrooms in our Region, and I wanted to share it with you.

If you aren't familiar with Breakouts, they are similar to Escape Rooms.  Students solve clues to unlock locks.  You can buy actual Breakout Boxes to create the scenarios in your classroom.  You can also build your own.  Ann Oro has some DIY ideas HERE.

If you have access to technology, or you allow BYOD, you might find Digital Breakouts to be more manageable.  Oh, and my favorite part, they are free if you build your own or use one from the many generous teachers who have shared their creations.  Facebook has some awesome groups of teachers who are Breakout nerds like me!

How do you play?  There are clues hidden in the site.  Use those clues to unlock the locks on the embedded Google Form.  Be sure to use ALL CAPS on the locks.  Try it out!

Want to know more or have something to share?  
Leave a comment below!  

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jump into 2018!

Did you find technology ideas you loved in the fall semester?  Did you plan to implement them around the holidays but failed to do so?  Now, it's just too late... Rewind!  It's not too late.  You are getting back into routines, and students are ready for something new and exciting in 2018.  It is time to get your feet wet with that idea. 

I challenge you to take that first step and incorporate technology in some way you haven't tried before (or something you tried that didn't work, so you gave up).  How can I be of help in 2018?  I would love to brainstorm ideas with you, provide you with mini-tutorials, screencast for you and your students, and help you connect with other classrooms around the world.

You could

  • Skype or Google Hangout with another class or an expert in a field of study, career, etc.
  • Have students respond to a question you ask using FlipGrid.
  • Have ipads or iphones in the classroom?  Do your students?  Have them write a song teaching a concept and record it with GarageBand, or create a StopMotion video teaching the topic.
  • Use phone or tablet cameras to record paperslide videos about any topic, concept, book, etc.
  • Write using a digital tool.
If you have a lesson, but you're not sure how you might incorporate technology, email me or leave a comment below with the lesson summary and the tech you have available.  Two heads are better than one, and many heads are even better.  We have amazing teachers who visit The Cafe and are more than willing to share.

 Let's make 2018 a new adventure for our students where learning takes center stage!