Wednesday, October 26, 2016

3 Ways to Integrate Tech to Honor Our Veterans

Veteran's Day marks a time when we come together as a country to honor those individuals who have served to protect our nation, have sacrificed for the common good, and have placed their lives on the line for America and its cause.

We have many opportunities to honor our veterans as we teach our students across content areas.

Poetic Photography With WordFoto

WordFoto is an iOS app ($1.99) that allows the user to add up to 10 words to overlay onto a photo.  Have students create Poetic Photos to honor veterans in their own families or communities, or choose photos labelled for reuse with modification (resources).


Acrostic Poems With Pic Collage

Students can create all kinds of poetry pages, posters, and photo collages with Pic Collage, a free photo app for iOS, Windows 10, and Android (in-app purchases).  Have students create poems honoring veterans and share them with those who have served for our country.  Here is a sample of an acrostic template that took less than a minute to create.  Students can then focus on the words they want to write to honor veterans.

Magazine Covers With BigHugeLabs

BigHugeLabs has so many great tools!  Students can create magazine covers using the Magazine Template by adding a background image and filling in text for the cover.  Get creative!  Students could use the lines of text on the cover to share Veteran's Day poetry.  Better yet, combine a class-designed cover with Book Creator and students' poetry, letters, and photo collages to honor veterans.  You could then upload your class's book to iTunes and share with veterans your students know!

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