Thursday, September 22, 2016

Remix with #IMMOOC

We can be innovative without recreating the wheel...literally!  Sometimes we just need to remix what's already there.  Take for instance, the Random Name Wheel on that allows you to enter student names for random selection - a nifty tool as is.  What if we were to take that tool and make something else?  What if we were to start looking at all the tools we have in a new light?  What if we teach our kids to do the same?????  I am a firm believer that we must give our kids permission to innovate...and we must lead by example!

In Deeper Learning, a book by Jensen and Nickelsen, they have an activity called Encode It! Spinner.  Students use a paper spinner to process a piece of new information by encoding the content in a variety of ways.  Great!  Now, how about a digital wheel you could share on the interactive board or at table groups via devices?  Roll out the Random Name Wheel and do a little remixing!

The Random Spinning Wheel does come with advertisements, but they are unobtrusive, and they can be somewhat hidden when you embed the wheel into your own site!

Would you like to build a wheel?  Click Here to Make Your Own or Here to Use This Encode It!  Wheel.
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