Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday TNT - Differentiating Products Sample

This week's tip is more like a challenge!  I challenge you to give your students choice in showing you they understand what they are learning.  You can watch the TouchCast below to see samples of a station instruction video, the instruction/rubric student page, and a sample student product.  Just click the samples, and the cast will stop while you view the sample!

This happens to be a fifth grade science activity, but the idea of using technology tools to let students be innovative in their learning works across all content areas.

Just an extra word about using videos for instructions...

There is only one of you.  However, if you have devices available to access video instructions, you can be six places (or more) at once!  Your kids also have the power to replay you without asking.  Just something to consider.

Links to:

Instructions Video


Sample Product Video

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