Friday, August 5, 2016

It's Friday!! 
I hope you have enjoyed a fantastic week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  I wanted to share a quick Friday Find with you that I tried while attending J2Training with Janet and Joan. is free for teachers, and it allows you to blend text, questions, photos, and videos for an online lesson for your students.
Here is Wizer's answer to assigning work to students...

To assign a worksheet to students do the following:
When creating the worksheet, at the navigation on top click on 'Assign to students'.
On the window that opens you can create an assignment for each class.
 Each gets its own link & pin code so you can later review their answers separately for each class.
There are 3 ways for you to share it with the students (from left to right):
1. Use the Google Classroom link and follow Google's instructions.
2. Copy the link and simply share it with your students.
3. Instruct your students to go to this link: and enter the pin code.

One huge drawback I see is the website's wording....worksheets....negative vibes....
     Take a look, though!  
I think you will find the things you are able to build don't fit the worksheet category!

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