Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Using the URL Shortener

The URL Shortener is a Chrome extension that makes those crazy, long URLs easier to handle.  Here is a quick tutorial on using this awesome tool!

God bless and Happy Googling!

Google Forms + Docappender = Data Collection Happiness

Alright, my Lovelies...
     I promised a tutorial on how to collect data, such as accommodations, using the Google Form add-on called Docappender.  Drop me a comment below if this is helpful, or if I can help you with anything that is unclear!

  You can see below where I changed the format on another tracker form, so you could see how it added the information in a table format.

*  If you have used this post before, I have updated the video to include T-TESS ideas!

God bless and Happy Googling!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Can I Have My Students Do on Their Blogs??? # 4

Have students create infographics using PiktoChart.  The site has an excellent choice of free features!  Students can sign up using Google accounts, email accounts, or you can have one class account for your class use.  
Infographics are great for
  • timelines
  • summaries
  • compare/contrast
  • Key Points
  • How-Tos
  • Plot Summaries
  • Get the idea?

Reflective Infographic - Sherry Hall | Piktochart Infographic Editor

What Can I Have my Students Do on Their Blogs??? #3

Embed Google Maps into Blogs!  Have students create a map with pins.  They can add text, photos, links, etc.

Google Maps are great for

  • Mapping out a novel
  • Telling a personal story
  • Writing poetry/narratives/research about a person, event, location
  • Mapping out your own fiction!

What Can I Have My Students Do on Their Blogs???? #2

Did you know you can add Google Slides to your blog?  This is a great tool for classroom websites!  Teachers can place a Google Slideshow on the sidebar with current information.  Update your slideshow in Google Slides, and Google automatically updates it on your site!

Students can create presentations about any topic and add the presentation to their blogs.

Here is a quick tutorial on how this is done.

God bless and Happy Googling!

What Can I Have My Students Do with Their Blogs??? #1

Create amazing Adobe Spark Pages and use the embed code to create a blog post.  Adobe Spark, originally Adobe Slate, allows you to create a scrolling, media-rich page on the topic of your choice!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blogging in Education - Embed ThingLInks

In preparing to share blogging in the classroom with teachers, I came across a nugget!  ThingLink member, Kelly Walsh shared a great ThingLink!